Application possibilities as diverse and flexible as never before


One aluminum framing system, many advantages! Our new aluminum framing system constitutes a disruptive innovation in the range of applications of aluminum framing systems. The combination of a dovetail system and a slot system is unique. It enables a precise and secure clamping and fastening of components and accessories to the frame. The 2-in-1 function is not its only advantage. Our new aluminum framing system also offers:


4 profile groups

Construction profile, hollow profile, corner profile or adaptation profile – choose the profile that suits you best from four different groups. Or combine profiles from the different groups as required and benefit from the advantages that each group has to offer.


An economical geometry

The profiles have an optimized and material-saving internal geometry to achieve maximum strength with minimum weight. With the same strength and stability, they are usually lighter than those of other competitors.


Unlimited possibilities

The Montech slot system is not just a slot. The disruptive shape allows the attachment of add-on components firstly with slot nuts, secondly by the dovetail and thirdly thanks to a cutout inside the slot, by clamping with connectors. In addition, the profiles have screw channels that allow connectors, covers, levelling feet and other components to be easily mounted on the face side. This makes the application possibilities almost limitless.


A simple assembly

Clamping over the dovetail allows you an easy assembly: you cut the profiles to the desired length and fix them precisely and securely to each other with connectors. This eliminates reworking and a subsequent shifting is not a problem. You can also save on sawing by ordering the profiles directly in the correct lengths – conveniently in our e-shop.


An efficient solution

Optimized assembly processes, clever material selection and fully developed geometries make the Montech Framing System one of the most economical systems in this field and this at an unbeatable price. Convince yourself and make the comparison.



You want to learn more? You can find more information here. Or you can simply talk to us. We are pleased to present you our new aluminum profile system in detail. Tel: +41 32 681 55 00, we would be glad to hear from you!

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