Belt Conveyors

Flexible and Reliable

Belt conveyors from Montech are versatile and optimized for your needs. They are suitable for large containers or small components and are used by SMEs and large corporations in various industries.

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Automated belt conveyor for more efficient product transport

A belt conveyor is worth its weight in gold in every production facility. It transports materials and products quickly and easily – and it can even be used to transport heavy objects. That’s why belt conveyors are especially popular in the material processing and packaging industries, and also in processing industry. By replacing manual conveying processes, conveyor systems increase the efficiency and continuity of the material flow in the production facilities.

TB30 Single-Belt

TB30 Single-Belt 1

The TB30 conveyor in single-belt configuration is perfectly suited for basic conveying requirements and can serve as the basis for customized conveying solutions. The modular design of the conveyor allows it to be easily modified for changing requirements.

TB30 Dual-Belt

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The TB30 conveyor in dual-belt configuration is ideal when only a small contact area is desired and/or access to the product from below is necessary. The modular conveyor design allows for quick and easy assembly and reconfiguration, and can serve as the basis for customized conveying solutions.

TB30 Tandem

Förderband TB30 Tandem 1

The TB30 conveyor in tandem configuration is suitable for large, dimensionally stable products. The width and position of the support surface can be adjusted to optimally create the contact area to suit the product. Two conveyor chassis are cost-effectively connected with one coupling and drive, and is powered using only one motor.

TB40 Conveyor

Förderband TB40 1

With its modular construction, the TB40 conveyor can be easily configured to meet your production needs. Equipped with a 24 V brushless DC-motor integrated into the drive roller, the TB40 offers a compact design, with capability of loads up to 200 kg. Multiple belt types and accessories are available.

GTB Conveyor

GTB Conveyor 1

GTB conveyors feature standard chassis widths up to 800 mm. Driven by a powerful 230/400 V or 460 V (UL) spur gear motor, GTB conveyors can move up to 125 kg in conveying mode.

KTB Conveyor

Förderband KTB 1

Montech’s KTB conveyors are used to carry parts to or from various manufacturing stations, or they can be combined with other units to form complete production lines. Featuring a compact design and integrated control, the conveyor is driven by a variable speed 24 V brushless DC-motor and can transport products up to 20 kg.

TB Conveyor

Förderband TB 1

The TB conveyor offers multiple configuration options – as a single-belt or dual-belt conveyor or as a tandem chassis conveyor. The TB conveyor also forms the basis of Montech’s transfer systems. Modular components simplify customization and allow accessories to be easily and quickly mounted onto the chassis.

RB40 Roller Conveyor

Rollenbahn RB40 1

The RB40 gravity roller conveyor transports containers, cartons, skids and other loads with flat, rigid bottom surfaces. Load capacity ranges up to 150 kg/m. The desired slope can be quickly set with the adjustable feet.

Accessories, Spare Parts

Zubehör und Ersatzteile 1
Montech offers various accessories to complement your conveyor, including lateral guides, floor and table stands. Our accessories are designed to integrate with other Montech modular components, making it easy to configure your conveyor.

While our conveyors are designed for reliability and durability, some components are subject to wear. Our well-stocked shop carries the spare parts you need to keep your conveyor up and running.

Spare parts TB/BTB

Ersatzteile Förderband TB/BTB

New generations are replacing the TB and BTB conveyors. However, the supply of wear and spare parts is still guaranteed so that the existing conveyors can continue to provide reliable service for a long time to come.

Your belt conveyor, your benefits

  • Highly standardized and modular
  • Simple and versatile design
  • Various configuration options
  • A wide range of accessories
  • A broad range of applications
  • Attractive price
  • Short delivery time
  • Save energy costs

Discover the future of efficient product transportation

Our automated conveyor belts redefine performance and versatility. With innovative drive technology and modular design, we offer customized solutions for your conveyor technology needs. Watch our video to find out how our conveyor belts are revolutionizing material flow and optimizing your production processes.

belt conveyor video

Modular conveyors

Flexible and versatile

Montech’s conveyors are highly standardized and modular in design such as Roller Conveyors, Cleanroom Conveyors, Transfer Systems, Aluminium Framing Systems and Machine Guarding. This allows us to fulfill customer-specific requirements. The design is as simple as it is versatile. Various configuration options and a wide range of accessories allow for targeted adaptation to individual requirements and open up a wide and diverse range of applications – for tailor-made solutions at an attractive price with a short delivery time.

Conveyor systems

Innovative drive technology

The conveyor systems’ drive technology is also crucial for optimized conveying processes. Our conveyors are equipped with rubberized drive rollers that minimize power loss due to slippage. Your conveyor is driven by a three-phase or asynchronous geared motor, designed as a center or front/rear drive integrated into the drive roller, and featuring high power density and surprising additional functions. This innovative, energy-efficient drive technology with a minimal interference contour allows to be integrated even into confined spaces. Roller conveyors made of precise aluminum framing systems can supplement and facilitate handling in the conveying process in order to save energy.

Suitable solutions

for conveyor technology

How efficient and economical your production or transport line will be also depending heavily on the conveyor technology you have selected. Whether you want to optimize your production or set up a new production area, Montech has the right solution for your needs. Our flexible and reliable belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors,  transfer systems, and roller conveyors can be configured precisely to suit your requirements. Thanks to the modular design of our systems, you can design the material flow exactly according to your requirements and your space.