TB30 Tandem Conveyor

The TB30 conveyor in tandem configuration is ideal for the transport of larger pallets and other dimensionally stable, bulky products. The width and the position of the support surfaces are customized to achieve the optimal contact area for the product. The two conveyor chassis are connected by an elastomer coupling and are driven cost-efficiently with a single motor.

The chassis widths, and the gap between them are application-specific – up to a maximum width of 1 m. The modular design featuring standardized components make the TB30 tandem conveyor a versatile choice. The conveyor length and the distance between belts are manufactured to customer specifications. Power transmission to the belt is highly efficient, and without slip. When operating with higher loads, and especially with product accumulation, the chassis requires the sliding plate insert.

A variety of standard chassis widths and drive configurations, as well as a wide range of accessories such as side guides and floor stands are readily available.

As compared to customary asynchronous geared motors, you can save electricity and money. If the TB30 tandem conveyor is used in 3-shift operation for a whole year without interruption, you will save 512 kWh electricity and approximately 236 euros.

The TB30 conveyor is available in standard widths ranging from 60 to 250 mm, and a maximum length of 10 m. It is available as a single-belt or double-belt configuration. A tandem chassis version, driven by a single motor, is also available for the transport of larger pallets and other dimensionally stable products. For maximum productivity, the TB30 tandem conveyor offers a tailored solution for efficiently transporting larger pallets and bulky, dimensionally stable products, with customizable support surfaces and optimized power transmission, ensuring seamless operations and cost savings.

Montech’s belt conveyors provide a reliable and efficient solution for transporting goods in various industries.


Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 10-15 working days
Conveyor widths 60, 80, 105, 140, 185, 250 mm
Drive mode end drive (front and rear drive), center drive
Motor Brushless DC motor preferably for variable speeds
three-phase asynchronous motor for fixed speeds
Power supply DC motor 1x200-240V/3x200-240V,50/60Hz or 1x100-120V, 50/60Hz
Power supply AC motor 3x380-420V/50Hz or 3x440-480V/60Hz
DC motor with controller (infinitely variable) up to 80 m/min
AC motor (fixed speed) up to 31.6 m/min
Load in conveying mode up to 100 kg
Protection class DC motor IP65 (controller IP20)
Protection class AC motor IP44
Warranty 3 years