Conveyor TB30R center drive for cleanroom

Simple assembly due to modular design

The conveyor TB30R for cleanroom from the Montech centre drive type series is available in widths from 80 mm to 250 mm. The length is available up to 3000 mm (other lengths on request).

In addition to cleanroom compatibility, the belt is also FDA approved. Thanks to the modular design of the belt conveyors, they can be assembled individually and extended or shortened at any time simply and cost-effectively.

Cleanroom class ISO 5 and ISO 6

The model TB30R-140×1500/MR is certified by the Fraunhofer Institute IPA for use in the cleanroom class ISO 5 for a speed of 15m/min and cleanroom class ISO 6 for a speed of 30 m/min.
It is used for infeed and outfeed belts in individual production systems or for linking entire production processes. With the cleanroom belt conveyor, Montech offers transport solutions for a wide range of industries, such as the plastics, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Fraunhofer Institute IPA certification

The TB30R-140×1500/MR belt conveyor has been tested according to ISO 14644-14 and is suitable under the specified test parameters

tabelle cleanroom conveyor

Technical Data
Conveyor widths 80, 105, 140, 185, 250 mm
Drive mode center drive
Motor Brushless DC motor for variable speeds
Length up to 3000 mm
Power supply DC motor 1x200-240V/3x200-240V,50/60Hz or 1x100-120V, 50/60Hz
Speed up to 15 m/min / up to 30 m/min
Air quality class ISO 5 / ISO 6
Protection class DC motor IP65 (controller IP20)
Warranty 3 years