Connect and clamp precisely – without any mechanical processing


Would you like flexibility and variability when it comes to connecting your framing systems? With our new aluminum framing system, you can choose between 3 different versions for connecting 2 profiles with each other at a 90° angle. They are all based on precise, adjustable and simple dovetail clamping technology.


Angle fastener WV

With the angle fastener you have the option of connecting the profiles at a 90° angle or at a 45° angle. The result is variable and very precise clamping with high resistance to displacement. The ideal solution for racks, guarding and workstations of any sort.


Front side adapter SA

The adapter is fastened securely against torsion on the front of the profile. The connection to a second profile at a 90° angle can be achieved with the parallel fastener. A connection using a front-side adapter has visual advantages and saves space. Moreover, the position of the profile can be modified without difficulties.


Front side adapter SAF

The front-side adapter for panel elements is fastened onto the front of the profile for construction. It enables connection of 2 profiles without additional connecting elements. The precise clamping is possible thanks to dovetail clamping technology. Panel elements such as sheets and covers can be positioned flush from the outside on the profile or in the dovetail slot – in either case a gap at the corners of the panel elements is unnecessary. The shape of the adapter is adjusted perfectly to the contour of the profile, while the interfering contour is reduced to a minimum. A visually elegant and space-saving solution.


The 3 connection versions offer the right solution for any need. And the best is: Whether it be angle connectors, front-side adapters or front-side adapters for panel elements, our aluminum framing systems never need mechanical processing for clamping and connecting. The dovetail clamping technology and the screw slots in the profile make connection possible at any time without difficulty.

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