Conveyors SOLTB

For fuel cells, battery cells, plastic films, paper, and solar cells

Montech’s SOLTB conveyors effortlessly and gently transport slender, lightweight, and delicate products both within the machine and throughout the entire process line.


Efficiently Transport Flat Products

with Conveyors SOLTB

The conveyors SOLTB are designed for the transport of slender, lightweight, and delicate products. They are therefore ideally suited for fuel cells, battery cells, paper, plastic films, and solar cells. In the energy technologies, energy materials, packaging technologies, and packaging materials industries, the trend continues to be to use standard components and to outsource the belt conveyors. The SOLTB conveyors also meet this requirement, which means many advantages for customers: Outsourcing replaces fixed costs with variable costs and brings development and traditionally high-quality manufacturing know-how. It also optimizes the supply chain and increases flexibility, especially in the event of short-term demand and peak capacity coverage. 

Vacuum Conveyor SOLTB-V

Vacuum Conveyor
The vacuum conveyor SOLTB-V is based on the same geometry and components as the conveyor SOLTB. The chassis is open in the middle to allow for wafer breakage to escape. Significant advantages of the vacuum conveyor over the conveyor SOLTB include a more dynamic acceleration and braking ramp and a higher transport speed.

Conveyor SOLTB with flat belt

soltb flat belt
The conveyor SOLTB with flat belt consists of a chassis with two belts, ensuring synchronous operation. The entire conveyor can be installed and removed from above, and belt replacement is also possible while installed. The conveyor has no protruding edges; it transports delicate workpieces with the highest precision and utmost care.

Conveyor SOLTB with cogged belt

soltb cogged belt
The conveyor SOLTB with cogged belt consists of a chassis equipped with two synchronised belts. The entire belt can be installed and removed from above, and the belts can be replaced even when installed. The conveyor is free of protruding edges and ensures the precise and careful transport of delicate workpieces

Your Belt Conveyor, Your Benefits

  • Highly standardized and modular
  • Simple and versatile design
  • Broad range of applications
  • Short delivery time


Our Flexibility is Your Flexibility.

When it comes to optimizing your supply chain or adapting products to your processes, our SOLTB belt conveyors are the right choice. Montech offers you specialized belt conveyors, configurable in length and width, tailored to your needs. Not only is our product range flexible, but our delivery times also meet short-term requirements.


Highly Industrialized Belt Conveyors

Montech provides highly industrialized belt conveyors that are 100% tailored to your needs. Thanks to their modular design, the belt conveyors can be individually configured in terms of width and length. Each belt conveyor represents the utmost individuality. With our years of experience, we can develop custom solutions for even the most specialized applications.

Private Labeling

Custom Branding Solutions

Our priority with private labeling is to enhance customer benefits. This means that all belt conveyors can feature your company logo. Reach out to us to discuss your specific requirements.

High Quality

Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

Our SOLTB belt conveyors meet the highest quality standards. Only high-quality materials are used, meeting the demands of rugged continuous operation and ensuring high reliability. The construction is precise, stable, and durable. All steel parts are galvanized or made of stainless steel. The pulleys are rustproof or made of aluminum.

Gentle Handling

Gentle Product Handling

We care about your products, which is why our belt conveyors handle your delicate products gently. For wafers and cells: Since wafers and cells no longer need to be touched from above, micro-cracks can be avoided.

Special Applications

Customized Solutions for Unique Needs

With our extensive experience, we are capable of realizing special applications. We support our customers with top-quality, innovative ideas, and implementations through custom special applications.

Montech’s SOLTB belt conveyors stand out for their high standardization and modular design, as do our other products, including roller conveyors, belt conveyors for cleanrooms, transfer systems,