Conveyor SOLTB with flat or cogged belt

The SOLTB Conveyor with flat or cogged belt is renowned for its adaptability and efficiency in material handling. Tailored to customer specifications, its length and width can be customized to fit unique production setups. Offering versatility, it comes with the option of flat belts or toothed belts, catering to diverse material handling needs.

One of its key advantages is the ease of belt replacement, allowing for seamless execution even while the conveyor is installed. This process minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity. Additionally, the SOLTB offers flexibility in configuration, with the head drive mountable on either the right or left side, enhancing adaptability to various layout requirements.

Combining customizable features with user-friendly design elements, the SOLTB Conveyor delivers reliable and efficient material handling solutions for modern manufacturing environments.

Technical Data
Weight SOLTB B=104 with 2 supports (without drive components):
Head drive weight (L = 500 mm) 1.660 kg
Weight (additional 100 mm) 0.230 kg
Each additional support 0.080 kg
Weight SOLTB B=144 with 2 supports (without drive components):
Head drive weight (L = 500 mm) 1.720 kg
Weight (additional 100 mm) 1.230 kg
Each additional support [kg] 0.110 kg
Required drive torque 0.5 Nm
Motor (motor bracket) prepared for Neugart gearhead PLE-40, Maxon gearhead GP32 A
Ambient conditions: temperature 10 to 40°C
rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
air purity normal workshop atmosphere
Warranty period 2 years from the date of delivery
Installation position horizontal
Accessories: foot height according to customer specification