Do you know the secret of our new aluminum framing system?


Have you heard about it? Our new aluminum framing system constitutes a disruptive innovation due to the variability of precise clamping connections without any mechanical processing of the profile. The combination of dovetail and slot system offers unlimited possible uses as connection and fastening solutions. Hence it offers more varied range of uses, and more flexibility in possible applications than ever before. Now the secret is out.


The new profile is the perfect complement for our Quick-Set aluminum framing system, which we will continue to offer. It is based on the same precise clamping technology with dovetail that has proven itself over many years. The profile offers 2 additional dovetail assembly options thanks to its newly integrated slot system with a clever shape. Hence at least 4 different assembly, clamping and fastening versions combining dovetail and slot are available for each profile side. This is industry leading.


Another persuasive advantage unique in the industry is the slot in the profile corner. This ensures elegant integration and mounting for panel elements, such as sheets and thin plates.


Would you like to find out more? You can find more information here. Or you can simply talk to us. We would be pleased to tell you about the details of our new aluminum profile system in person. Tel: +41 32 681 55 00, we would be glad to hear from you!

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