You’ll save energy and reduce costs with our energy-efficient belt conveyors

Because electricity is getting more expensive and is in ever-shorter supply, energy-efficient belt conveyors and transfer systems are more important than ever before – for the environment and for cost planning. With Montech’s drives, you’re acting sustainably and economically. 

energy efficient conveyors

Energy-efficient motors: Your benefits: 

  • You’ll reduce energy costs 
  • You’re protecting the environment
  • You’re acting with an eye to the long term
  • You’ll profit from an outstanding price-performance ratio
  • You’ll enjoy quick service and individual customer support

The legal basis

Machines that are driven by electric motors are responsible for the majority of total industrial electricity consumption. To reduce CO2 emissions, new regulations went into effect on July 1, 2021. In the power range from 120W to 750W, across Europe, according to the directive (EU) 2019/1781 for fulfillment of the eco design directive 2009/125/EC, only line-operated electric motors with an efficiency class of at least IE2 may be put on the market.

The higher the efficiency class, the lower the energy costs

High efficiency classes provide great added value for the environment. The higher the efficiency class, the lower the energy consumption of the motor in question. And that’s not the only benefit that speaks for energy-efficient motors: These motors also pay off from an economic point of view, for with them, you reduce energy costs.

Montech’s energy-efficient solutions

You can reduce energy costs even more with electronically commutated motors for our belt conveyors and transfer systems. They are up to 25% more energy-efficient than line-operated electric motors with minimum requirement of the efficiency class IE2. Even in comparison to the highest efficiency class IE5, the drives of Montech’s belt conveyors are up to 10% more efficient. You can use them to reduce valuable energy costs. Furthermore, they are also inexpensive to purchase. Elevate your production efficiency with our energy-efficient belt conveyors, the epitome of saving sustainably. Experience enhanced performance while minimizing energy consumption and environmental impact. You’ll save energy and reduce costs with our energy-efficient belt conveyors, guaranteed.

TB30 Conveyor

Förderband TB30 Eingurt 1
The TB30 conveyor belt in the single belt version is ideally suited for individual requirements in the assembly technology of various industries. Due to its modular design, it forms the basis for customized solutions and can be easily adapted to changing requirements.

TB40 Conveyor

Förderband TB40 1
Due to the integrated motor in the drive shaft, the TB40 conveyor is extremely compact and is ideal for situations where space is limited. The conveyor is driven by a 24-volt motor that can carry loads of up to 200 kg.

LT40 Transfer System

LT40 Transfer System
The LT40 transfer system features fully integrated and space-saving drive technology: The motor, which has a diameter of only 60 mm, is integrated into the drive roller and has no interfering contours. The transport system consists of a double toothed belt system on which the workpiece carriers run smoothly.