Safety Hood SH

The aspect of safety in machinery and production equipment is of central importance. Our components for machine guarding provide a project-specific and professional solution to meet this requirement by preventing access to hazardous areas.

The Safety Hood SH encloses a hazardous space on four to five sides. Our mounting kit allows the columns to be equipped with safety switches. Fall safeguards are available for larger safety hoods.

Thanks to the chosen construction of the vertically sliding protective elements, optimal accessibility to the processing station is ensured within seconds in emergencies or for maintenance purposes. Inside the columns, movable counterweights run, which are connected to the vertically sliding support beams through toothed belts and a deflecting roller.

Lifting and lowering the movable element requires only minimal effort. The synchronization of the movable support beam profiles is ensured by a synchronizing shaft.

The columns are based on our Quick-Set assembly system, enabling easy and rapid installation, including retrofits to existing machines.

We rely on modularity for all our products, which makes our machine guarding, belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, transfer systems, aluminium framing and roller conveyors. flexible and versatile.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 15 working days.
Technical data
Nominal stroke 950 mm
Nominal height 1945 mm (without foot)
Dimensions L1, L2 and L3 variable, paying attention to the permissible moment! (L3: min. 110 mm)
Crossbeams Weight 27 kg (per crossbeam)
Max. equalizing weight per crossbeam Steel 25 kg / Lead 35.5 kg
Material Column Aluminium, anodized, natura
Material Pane PMMA, acrylic glass (Altulex)
Thickness Pane 5 mm
Properties Pane transparent, impact-resistant, chemically resistant to ammonia 10%, petrol, mineral oil, paraffin oil, turpentine, etc.