Safety Wall SW

Ensuring the safety of machinery and production equipment holds utmost importance. Our range of protective components offers customized and professional solutions to address this need effectively, preventing access to hazardous areas.

The Safety Wall SW serves as a barrier that can be easily positioned in front of danger zones as required. Its modular design allows for flexible customization, catering to specific customer preferences, including a wider range of vertical adjustment possibilities.

Just like the Safety Hood SH, this system also features vertically sliding protective elements, guaranteeing quick access to the processing station during emergencies or for maintenance purposes. Within the columns, movable counterweights smoothly glide and connect to the vertically sliding support beams through toothed belts and a deflecting roller. Consequently, minimal effort is required to lift or lower the movable element. The synchronizing shaft ensures proper synchronization of the movable support beam profiles.

Our Quick-Set assembly system underpins the design of these columns, making installation and retrofits on existing machines a breeze. For additional protection, customers can opt for custom-made fixed shielding using components from our Quick-Set program.

Enhance the safety of your machine and production fixtures with our versatile Safety Wall SW: a modular solution designed to safeguard danger zones effectively. Experience the freedom of customization while ensuring the utmost protection.

The concept of modularity forms the basis of our machine guarding. We also rely on this for all our belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, transfer systems, aluminium framing and roller conveyors.

Delivery time (subject to prior sale): 12 working days.
Technical data
Nominal stroke 950 mm
Nominal height 1969 mm (without foot)
Dimensions variable
Crossbeams Weight 16 kg
Max. equalizing weight per crossbeam 11.5 kg in lead version, 9 kg in steel version
Material Column Aluminium, anodized, natural
Material Pane PMMA, acrylic glass (Altulex)
Thickness Pane 5 mm
Properties Pane transparent, impact-resistant, chemically resistant to ammonia 10%, petrol, mineral oil, paraffin oil, turpentine, etc.