Roller Conveyors:
Revolutionize Your Material Transport

Efficiency, reliability, and versatility – these are the qualities that define the RB40 Roller Conveyor by Montech. A game-changing solution for transporting containers, cartons, skids, and other loads with flat, rigid bottom surfaces. The RB40 Roller Conveyor is here to revolutionise your material transport, ensuring seamless operations and boosting your productivity.


Complementing the TB40 Conveyor

The RB40 roller conveyor is specifically designed to complement the TB40 conveyor, ensuring a smooth and synchronized material flow throughout your production facility. Its geometric and optical compatibility with the TB40 conveyor guarantees a seamless integration. Revolutionize Your Material Transport with the RB40 conveyor.

Reliable and Versatile Belt Conveyors

Montech’s belt conveyors are known for their reliability and efficiency in transporting goods across various industries. The RB40 roller conveyor upholds the same standards, providing a dependable solution for your material handling needs.

Experience the Benefits of Our Roller Conveyors

Discover how the RB40 Roller Conveyor can transform your material transport processes with its exceptional features and advantages:

  • Efficiency: Streamline your operations with smooth and reliable material transport, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Flexibility: Adapt the RB40 Roller Conveyor to your specific needs with adjustable feet, roller spacing options, and customizable configurations.
  • Load Capacity: Handle heavy loads with ease, as the RB40 Roller Conveyor has a maximum load capacity of up to 150 kg/m.
  • Seamless Integration: Combine the RB40 Roller Conveyor seamlessly with the TB40 conveyor for a comprehensive and harmonized material transport solution.
  • Durable Construction: Count on the RB40 Roller Conveyor’s sturdy base frame made of clear anodized aluminum profiles, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Easy Assembly: Save time and effort with simple and tool-free assembly of accessories, allowing for quick customization and modification.
  • Wide Application Range: Benefit from the RB40 Roller Conveyor’s versatility, suitable for various industries and capable of handling different types of loads.

Seamless Integration and Customization

The RB40 roller conveyor features a stable base frame made of clear anodized aluminum profiles, ensuring durability and stability. The rollers, available in PVC or steel, are designed to accommodate a variety of load sizes. The roller axis distance can be customized to suit your specific products, with standard options of 100, 125, or 150 mm. The length of the roller conveyor can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Easy Assembly and Versatile Accessories

Compatible with accessories from the TB40 range, such as side guides and floor stands, the RB40 roller conveyor offers versatile customization options. Thanks to the dovetail connection with clamps and T-slot tracks in the side profile, adding attachments and making adjustments is quick and hassle-free. Telescopic floor stands enable easy gradient adjustment to adapt to your production setup.

Efficiency and Warranty

The RB40 roller conveyor operates on the principle of gravity, allowing for fast production processes, efficient storage, and effortless transport of crates and similar items. With its ability to handle heavy loads and customizable width options, it offers flexibility in horizontal alignment or with a slight incline. The assembly of accessories is straightforward and requires no mechanical processing, even after initial setup. Additionally, Montech provides a generous 36-month warranty from the delivery date, ensuring your peace of mind.

Choose the RB40 roller conveyor for reliable and efficient material transport, and experience the benefits of Montech’s expertise in conveyor solutions.