TB30 Conveyor

The TB30 low-profile conveyor is an ideal solution for a variety of applications and industries. The modular design allows for quick and easy assembly and reconfiguration. Multiple belt types are available, and either a single or dual belt configuration can be used on the chassis.


Chassis widths from 45 mm to 250 mm are available. Maximum conveyor length is 10 m.


The center drive unit can be positioned freely along the length of the conveyor chassis.   For variable speed applications, the TB30 conveyor is available with a brushless DC-motor. The DC-motor has a high IP rating and is controlled manually or digitally over I/O’s via an external driver. For fixed conveying speeds, the TB30 is equipped with a three-phase motor (3x400V/50Hz).


For transporting larger pallets or other rigid, fixed-dimension products, The TB30 is available in a tandem chassis configuration.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 10 Working days
Technical data
Chassis widths 45, 60, 80, 105, 140, 185, 250 mm
Drive mode end or center drive
Motor brushless DC-motor 1x200-240V/50Hz, 1x100-120V/60Hz or three-phase asynchronous motor 3x400V/50Hz
Speed 0.4 to 76.6 m/min
Max. belt load when conveying up to 100 kg
Warranty 3 years
Delivery time 2-3 working weeks incl. assembly
Versions single belt, dual belt, tandem
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