Transfer Systems SOLTB

for Fuel Cells, Solar Cells, Paper, and Cardboard

The SOLTB transfer system is based on a modular system of different belt conveyors from the SOLTB line. This modularity enables customised results that meet the specific requirements of each application. The SOLTB transfer system offers the ideal solution for processing, sorting and discharging flat, light and delicate products.

Tranfersysteme SolTB

Centering Belt Conveyor

Centering Conveyor
The centering belt allows precise alignment of workpieces during transport. Correct positioning is ensured without any loss of time or the need for additional measuring and inspection devices (e.g., vision or camera systems).

Vacuum Belt Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyor
The vacuum belt is based on the same geometry and components as the SOLTB solar belt conveyor. The chassis is open in the middle to allow wafer breakage to escape. Key advantages of the vacuum belt compared to the SOLTB include a more dynamic acceleration and braking ramp, and higher transport speed.

Swivel Belt Conveyor

Pivoting Conveyors
The swivel belt conveyor allows defective products to be ejected from the line without causing production delays. Due to the centrally placed drive, the ejection belt has no protruding edges and can be installed in a space-saving manner.

Unloading Belt Conveyor

Unloading Conveyor
The unloading belt conveyor is a dual-belt conveyor system consisting of a fixed part and an extendable part with a stroke of 160 mm. The extendable part retracts into the carrier and is operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The unloading belt conveyor requires only one pair of belts and a single drive.

TB with flat belt

The conveyor SOLTB with flat belt consists of a chassis with two belts, ensuring synchronous operation. The entire conveyor can be installed and removed from above, and belt replacement is also possible while installed. The conveyor has no protruding edges; it transports delicate workpieces with the highest precision and utmost care.

TB with cogged belt

soltb cogged belt
The conveyor SOLTB with cogged belt consists of a chassis equipped with two synchronised belts. The entire belt can be installed and removed from above, and the belts can be replaced even when installed. The conveyor is free of protruding edges and ensures the precise and careful transport of delicate workpieces

Compact Conveyor

The compact conveyor SOLTB-K, with its small dimensions (110 mm chassis width), is used for inspecting wafer edges or edges of similar products. Because the conveyor belt is shorter and narrower than the wafer, there are no disturbing belt contours visible that could affect the measurement results.

Discharge Module

The discharge module's vertical movement enables wafer and cells to be rotated by 90 degrees without touching them from above. This prevents microcracks and breakage, ensuring gentle and rapid transportation of the product.

Turning Module

The turning module SOLTB-W is a solution for flipping workpieces such as wafers or displays. The workpieces are inverted or turned within the transport axis. They are fed into and out of the module using conveyor belts.

Your Transfer System, Your Advantages

  • Highly standardized and modular
  • Simple and versatile design
  • Various configuration options
  • Diverse range of accessories available
  • Wide range of applications
  • Attractive pricing
  • Short delivery time
  • Energy cost savings


Our Flexibility is Your Flexibility.

When it comes to optimizing your supply chain or adapting products to your processes, our SOLTB transfer systems are the right choice. Montech offers you specialized solar conveyors, configurable in length and width with various options tailored to your needs. But it’s not just our product range that is flexible: Our delivery times are also impressive, meeting short-term requirements.


Highly Industrialized Conveyors

Montech provides highly industrialized transfer systems that are 100% tailored to your needs. Thanks to their modular design, our transfer systems can be customized in terms of width and length. Each conveyor embodies a high degree of individuality. Moreover, our extensive experience enables us to realize special applications.

Private Labeling

Customer Benefit through Private Labeling

Customer benefit is paramount to us in private labeling. Therefore, all transfer systems can be branded with your company logo. Contact us directly so we can discuss your needs in person.

High Quality

Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

Our SOLTB transfer systems meet the highest quality standards. We use only high-quality materials that withstand the demands of continuous rough operation and ensure high reliability. The construction is precise, stable, and durable. All steel parts are galvanized or made of stainless steel. The pulleys are mostly rust-resistant or made of aluminum.

Gentle Handling

Gentle Handling of Products

We care about your products, which is why our transfer systems handle your wafers and cells with care. By avoiding the need to touch wafers and cells from above, we prevent micro-cracks.

Special Applications

Custom Special Applications

With years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, we can also realize special applications. We support our customers with top quality, innovative ideas, and implementations for individual special applications.

Montech’s SOLTB transfer systems are characterized by high standardization and modular design, as are our other products including roller conveyors, belt conveyors for cleanrooms, transfer systems, aluminum profiles, safety devices, and conveyor belts.