Centering Conveyor

The centering conveyor SOLTB-Z is an indispensable tool in conveyor technology, specially designed to ensure precise alignment of wafers or similar products. With its standard dimensions of 125 x 125 mm and 156 x 156 mm, the centering conveyor provides an optimal platform for loading carriers and a reliable base for safe transport throughout the manufacturing process.

The functionality of the centering conveyor is particularly evident during critical production phases. For example, it is used before unloading carriers to ensure that the wafers are correctly positioned, facilitating smooth transitions between different production stations. Additionally, it is employed before measuring and testing equipment to ensure precise alignment, thereby maximizing the accuracy of measurement results.

The construction of the centering conveyor is designed to provide uniform and stable support for the products being transported. Its precisely manufactured surfaces ensure minimal friction and maximum control over the positioning of the wafers. Moreover, the materials used in the centering conveyor’s construction are highly durable and resistant to the demanding conditions in the manufacturing environment.

Technical Data
Weight 3.6 kg
Required drive torque 1 Nm
Motor (motor bracket) prepared for Neugart gearhead PLE-40, Maxon gearhead GP32 A
Ambient conditions:
Temperature 10–40°C
Rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
Air purity normal workshop atmosphere
Warranty period 2 years from the date of delivery