Compact Conveyor

The compact conveyor SOLTB-K is specifically designed for inspecting the edges of wafers or similar products, distinguished by its small dimensions (chassis width of 110 mm). Its compact construction ensures that the conveyor belt is shorter and narrower than the wafer itself, thereby eliminating any disruptive belt contours that could affect measurement accuracy.

Equipped with a central drive, the SOLTB-K saves space while ensuring precise movement. This configuration makes it ideal for applications where space constraints are a consideration. The drive components include the Neugart gearbox PLE-40 and the Maxon gearbox GP 32 A, with the drive roller having a diameter of 30 mm. These technical features ensure reliable and uniform conveyance during the inspection process.

The compact conveyor SOLTB-K provides an efficient solution for precise edge detection and quality control in semiconductor manufacturing and similar industries.

Technical Data
Chassis width 110 mm
Roller spacing 81 mm
Weight 0.55 kg
Required drive torque 0.5 Nm
Noise pressure level < 60 dBA
Motor (motor bracket) prepared for Neugart gearhead PLE-40, Maxon gearhead GP32 A
Ambient conditions:
Temperature 10–40°C
Rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
Air purity normal workshop atmosphere
Warranty period 2 years from the date of delivery
Installation position horizontal
Installation position Accessories: foot height according to customer specification