Pivoting conveyor

The pivoting conveyor SOLTB-S 90° and SOLTB-S 30° allows precise extraction of wafers, solar cells, or similar products from a carrier, facilitating efficient introduction into the production line. The pivoting angles of 90° and 30° enable movement of products at various angles, offering flexible integration options into the manufacturing line.

Furthermore, the pivoting conveyor is used for loading carriers and ejecting defective products from the production line. These functions optimize material flow and ensure continuous production without interruptions.

Technically equipped with a piston diameter of 12 mm and a piston rod diameter of 6 mm, the pivoting conveyor SOLTB-S offers robust and reliable performance. It is specifically designed for use in production environments that demand high precision and efficiency.

Technical Data
Pivot angle 0/90° │ 0/30°
Piston diam. / piston rod diameter 12 / 6 mm
Weight 2.0 kg
Required drive torque 0.5 Nm
Operating pressure 3–6 bar
Driving medium air unoiled, filtered to 5 m, dew point < 6°C
End stop absorption none
Check of end positions 0°/90° 0°/30° inductive proximity switches (not included in delivery scope)
Pneumatic connection hose-Ø 4
Speed control adjustable exhaust air flow control valves
Noise pressure level < 60 dBA
Motor (motor bracket) prepared for Neugart gearhead PLE-40, Maxon gearhead GP32 A
Ambient conditions:
Temperature 10–40°C
Rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
Air purity normal workshop atmosphere
Warranty period 2 years from the date of delivery
Installation position horizontal