Turning Module

The turning module SOLTB-W is a highly specialized solution for flipping workpieces such as wafers or displays within the transport axis. This module allows for a gentle reversal of the workpieces using special belts made of foamed material. These belts are particularly soft and gently press the workpieces firmly to ensure gentle flipping.

The construction of the turning module SOLTB-W minimizes process delays, which is crucial for an efficient production line. It also allows for normal transport of the workpieces without flipping, providing flexibility in production planning.

The module is characterized by its compact footprint, especially in multi-lane operation, enhancing adaptability and efficiency in complex manufacturing environments.

The turning module SOLTB-W is the ideal choice for manufacturers who prioritize gentle and efficient processes, especially in the semiconductor, display, and similar industries where precise handling and gentle treatment of workpieces are of utmost importance.

Technical Data
Operating pressure 5 bar
Driving medium 5 air unoiled, filtered to 5 μm, dew point < 6°C
Pneumatic connection hose-Ø 4 mm
Belt drive motor capacity 10 W
Supply voltage/current 24 VDC / 1.5 A
Tilting drive motor capacity 110 W
Intermediate circuit voltage/current 320 V / 0.9 A
Nominal voltage regulator 230 V
Cycle time with wafer 156 x 156 mm min. 1.5 (loading – tilting – extracting)
Cycle time (continuous) min. 1.2 (tilting – loading/extracting)
Ambient conditions:
Temperatur 10-40°C
Rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
Air purity normal workshop atmosphere