Unloading conveyor

The unloading conveyor SOLTB-E is a highly efficient double-belt conveyor designed specifically for precise handling in production environments. It consists of a fixed part and a retractable part with a stroke of 160 mm, operated by a pneumatic cylinder. This design allows for flexible adaptation to various unloading conditions and contributes to optimizing material flow.

The unloading conveyor is cost-effective as it requires only a single pair of belts and one drive. This not only reduces acquisition costs but also minimizes maintenance efforts. The retractable part is 9.6 mm thick and can be driven either to the right or left, depending on the requirements of your production line.

The product comes complete with drive components for the Neugart gearbox PLE-40 and the Maxon gearbox GP 32 A, with the drive roller having a diameter of 30 mm. These technical features ensure reliable and precise performance in various industrial applications.

Technical Data
Stroke 160 mm
Piston diameter 10 mm
Extension / retraction time at 5 bar 10 0.7 / 0.6 s
Weight 2.5 kg
Required drive torque 0.5 Nm
Operating pressure 3-6 bar
Driving medium air unoiled, filtered to 5 μm, dew point < 6°C
End stop absorption none
Check of end positions open / closed inductive proximity switches (not included in delivery scope)
Tool presence sensing in extendable part by means of an fiber optics sensor (not incl. in delivery scope)
Pneumatic connection hose-Ø 4 mm
Speed control adjustable exhaust air flow control valves
Noise pressure level < 60
Motor (motor bracket) prepared for Neugart gearhead PLE-40, Maxon gearhead GP32 A
Ambient conditions:
Temperature 10-40°C
Rel. humidity <95% (without condensation)
Air purity normal workshop atmosphere
Warranty period 2 years from the date of delivery
Installation position horizontal
Accessories: foot height according to customer specification