LT40 Transfer System

LT40_686-144 LT40_686-144 LT40_686-144 LT40_686-144
The twin belt LT40 transfer system conveys product carriers or totes to discrete assembly stations. Depending on the size of the carrier, a maximum load of up to 16.8 kg may be accommodated. LT40 conveyors feature a compact design with a 24V DC motor integrated into the drive roller.
Trans­fer plate/prod­uct car­ri­er 200 x 200 – 320 x 480 mm
Dri­ve unit integrated end drive
Max. load for each prod­uct car­ri­er up to 16.8 kg
Speed up to 20 m/min

LTE Transfer System

LTE_686_144 LTE_686_144 LTE_686_144 LTE_686_144
The LTE is a single-belt, asynchronous transfer system that automatically transfers parts or components through an assembly sequence. The modular design allows for easy reconfiguration or future expansion.
Trans­fer plate/prod­uct car­ri­er 80 x 80 – 225 x 225 mm
Dri­ve unit TB30 center drive
Max. load for each prod­uct car­ri­er up to 5 kg
Speed 7.7 – 19 m/min

Accessories and Spare Parts

LTE-ET_686 LTE-ET_686 LTE-ET_686 LTE-ET_686
Montech offers a variety of accessories to complement your transfer system including lateral guides and plug & play cables. Accessories are designed to integrate easily with other Montech components.

Our transfer systems are designed for reliability and durability, however, some components are subject to wear. To keep your conveyor up and running, spare parts are readily available from our well-stocked shop.

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