LTE Transfer System

The LTE transfer system is a single-belt, asynchronous transfer system that automatically transports workpiece holders or carriers to workstations according to their assembly sequence.

The parts or assemblies requiring sequential processing are attached to standardized workpiece holders made of high-strength PET plastic, and are transported on single-belt conveyors.

The modular design allows the modification, or future expansion of the system to be completed easily and with minimal expense.

The LTE system excels in efficient workpiece guidance, seamlessly transporting workpiece holders or carriers to the appropriate workstations based on their assembly sequence. With its modular design, the system offers flexibility for easy modifications and future expansions, ensuring streamlined operations.

Montech’s transfer systems allow smooth and precise transfer of goods in a wide range of industrial applications.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 10-15 working days
Size Workpiece holders 80x80, 115x115, 160x160, 225x225 mm
Chassis widths 105-250 mm
Drive Mode TB30 center drive
Motor brushless DC-motor or three-phase motor
Speed 7.7 – 19 m/min
Warranty 2 years