Montech launches a new aluminum framing system


Montech AG expands its product portfolio by adding a new advanced aluminum framing system, featuring four types of profiles and a wide-ranging line of accessories. Besides the tried and proven dovetail clamping technology, now we also offer dovetail slot connection technology and clamping technology – the disruptive geometry of the dovetail sliding nut permits precise and secure clamping.


The new aluminum framing system from Montech is an expansion of the successful Quick-Set aluminum system profile, which we will continue to offer. Its combination of dovetail clamping and dovetail slot connection system is unique: it enables precise and secure clamping and fastening of components and accessories to the framing system. “For our new aluminum framing system, we have worked hard to expand the range of sizes and refine the geometry, while incorporating valuable experience and improvements suggested by our customers into its development,” says Daniel Pauli, CEO Montech AG.


Economical geometry and sustainable material

The result is clearly visible: Besides the 2-in-1 function, the economical geometry also sets the new aluminum framing system apart – the optimized cross-section requires less aluminum. And that is positive for two reasons: Less material means less weight and more sustainable production. “Quality is important to us, and sustainability too! To optimize sustainability, we utilize only advanced, but also durable materials – the aluminum for our new aluminum framing system is produced using low-emission technology and recycled materials,” says CEO Daniel Pauli.


4 types of profiles, 2 sizes, unlimited possibilities

The new aluminum framing system scores additional points for its versatility: 4 profiles – construction profile, hollow profile, corner profile or adapter profile – in a completely modular grid system, in two sizes 4020 and 5025, provide a great number of options. Whether for installation or extension, the new Montech aluminum framing system offers you configurations with hollow spaces and also with screw slots. And so there are no limits to the range of uses of the new aluminum framing system.


About Montech AG



Montech is a worldwide active Swiss technology company specializing in the industrialization and standardization of advanced and exceptional conveyors, transfer systems and innovative aluminium framing systems for a broad and diverse range of applications. The company combines comprehensive design competence with incomparable flexibility in digital and individual customer care. The high standards of quality are ensured with high-end, sustainable technologies and products and upheld by a global network of experienced suppliers and manufacturers.

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