Aluminium Framing Systems
Robust, Durable, and Flexible Construction

Montech offers two aluminum framing systems: The new advanced Aluminium Framing System MPS and the Quick-Set system. There are many application possibilities for these systems, ranging from substructures for belt conveyors to the construction of safety devices and roller conveyors. Which aluminum framing system interests you?


Framing systems: Flexibility in planning, design, and set-up

Both systems offer endless possibilities. The flexibility and wide range of accessories for the new Aluminum Framing System simplify system planning and design. No large machine park is required to machine them. The Montech modular system offers the simplest customization options. You can make changes or additions at any time.

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Whether belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, transfer systems,  roller rb40 conveyors, or machine guarding, all Montech products have one thing in common: they are modularly designed and therefore extremely flexible in use.

The new Profile System MPS

The Profile System MPS is the latest generation of our framing systems. It combines important insights from over 30 years of practical experience. Our innovative advancements in profile framing system technology have been pivotal in developing the Profile System MPS, setting new standards in the industry. The variety of applications, fields of application, and range of products have increased significantly. In addition to the field-tested dovetail mounting geometry, the system now offers a dovetail slot for precise, safe, and easy clamping and connection, as well as the fastening of many accessories and attachments and other advantages.

The combination of dovetail and slot system offers unlimited possible uses as connection and fastening solutions.

In addition to the 2-1-function, the new system is also characterized by its economical geometry – the optimized cross-section requires less aluminum. And that is doubly pleasing: Less material means less weight for the aluminum profile and more sustainable production. Quality is important to us, as is sustainability. In order to optimize these, we use not only advanced but also durable materials.

Quick-Set aluminum framing system

The first generation of Montech’s aluminum framing system Quick-Set is based on stable and precise substructures. This aluminum framing system absorbs dynamic forces and offers a dovetail geometry for assembly, connection, and fastening. The patented dovetail fastening geometry allows quick, easy, and flexible adjustment without drilling or pins.

Our profiles for your products

Our profiles meet our customers’ needs in every respect: They are suitable both as floor stands for belt conveyors and for the construction of protective devices, protective hoods, protective walls, or roller conveyors. The Aluminum framing system offered by Montech is renowned for its robust, durable, and flexible construction. With a focus on precision and stability, this framing system provides a reliable foundation for various applications, from floor stands for belt conveyors to the construction of protective devices, safety hoods, safety walls, and roller conveyors.