GTB Belt Conveyor

GTB Conveyors are used to carry parts to or from various manufacturing stations, or they can be combined with other units to form complete transport systems.

The system’s modular construction allows for simple adaptations to meet specific customer requirements.

The following chassis widths are available: 200 mm (0.656 ft), 300 mm (0.984 ft), 400 mm (1.312 ft), 500 mm (1.64 ft), 600 mm (1.968 ft), 700 mm (2.296 ft), and 800 mm (2.624 ft). The possible belt lengths are between 360 (1.18 ft) to 6000 mm (19.69 ft) .

The conveyor is driven by a 230/400 V or 460 V (UL) spur gear motor with big power reserves. This enables transportation of up to 125 kg (275.58 lbs) in conveying mode.

Depending on the amount of available space, the end drive version can be fitted above or below the belt. The top drive version can transport products up to 80 mm (0.262 ft) high.

For efficient transport, GTB Conveyors provide a versatile solution, allowing seamless movement of parts between manufacturing stations. The modular construction enables easy customization to meet specific customer requirements, while the powerful 230/400 V spur gear motor ensures the transportation of up to 125 kg (275.58 lbs) in conveying mode.

Montech’s belt conveyors provide a reliable and efficient solution for transporting goods in various industries.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 10-15 working days
Chassis widths 0.65-2.62" (2.95-3.93" optionally available)
Drive Mode end drive
Motor 3x230/460V, 60Hz (UL)
Gear spur-gear
Speed 6.36-186.0 fpm
Max. belt load when conveying up to 275.58 lbs
Warranty 3 years