TB40 Conveyor

The TB40 belt conveyor features a 24 V DC motor integrated into the drive roller resulting in a very compact, low-profile design. It is ideal for conveying parts, products, or product carriers between processing stations. The modular design and construction make it easy to configure the conveyor for application-specific requirements, or to integrate multiple units to form complete transport systems.

Conveyor chassis are available in widths ranging from 11.8 – 31.5″. The length can range from 1.18 – 19.7 feet. The maximum load in conveying mode is 441 lbs.

As compared to customary asynchronous geared motors, you can save electricity and money. If the TB40 conveyor is used in 3-shift operation for a whole year without interruption, you will save 621 kWh electricity and approximately 284 USD.

The 24 V DC patented motor that is used for the TB40 conveyor are energy efficient and meet the EU minimal requirements of Premium Efficiency Class IE3; they exceed the Super Premium Efficiency Class IE4 that is planned for the future.

Due to the integrated 24V motor in the drive roller, the conveyor belt TB40 is very compact in its design and complies with low-voltage guidelines. This is a great advantage for system builders: With a DC voltage of 24V, no protection against touching is required; these voltages are considered to be harmless to adults, children, and animals. Therefore, it is no problem to comply with the different country-specific regulations for creating the system certificate and declaration of conformity.

Now also available with rolling knife edge Ø0.62″. (On request)

The TB40 belt conveyor goes beyond expectations in enhancing fast and precise processes, offering a compact, low-profile design with an integrated 24 V DC motor. With its modular construction and configurable options, the TB40 conveyor ensures efficient and reliable conveying, enabling fast and precise material transport between processing stations, and optimizing overall operational efficiency.

Montech’s belt conveyors offer a dependable and efficient solution for transporting goods across a variety of industries.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 10-15 working days
Chassis widths 11.81", 15.74", 19.68", 23.62", 27.56", 31.50"
Drive integrated into the drive roller
Motor 24 V BLDC motor
Speed 0.82 - 109.90 fpm (±10%)
Max. belt load when conveying up to 440 lbs
Warranty 3 years