TB30 Conveyor

Conveyor TB30 Conveyor TB30 Conveyor TB30 Conveyor TB30

The TB30 low-profile conveyor is an ideal solution for a variety of applications and industries. The modular design allows for quick and easy assembly and reconfiguration. Multiple belt types are available, and either a single or dual belt configuration can be used on the chassis.

Chas­sis widths 45 – 250 mm
Max. belt load up to 100 kg (220 lb)
DC-mo­tor with con­troller (vari­able) 0.5 – 78.6 m/min
AC-mo­tor with­out fre­quen­cy con­vert­er 2.3 – 27.3 m/min
AC-mo­tor with fre­quen­cy con­vert­er 0.6 – 54.6 m/min

TB40 Conveyor

Conveyor TB40 Conveyor TB40 Conveyor TB40 Conveyor TB40

With its modular construction, the TB40 conveyor can be easily configured to meet your production needs. Equipped with a 24 V brushless DC-motor integrated into the drive roller, the TB40 offers a compact design, with capability of loads up to 200 kg (440 lb). Multiple belt types and accessories are available.

Chas­sis widths 300 – 800 mm
Max. belt load up to 200 kg (440 lb)
Speed 0.25 – 33.5 m/min

RB40 Roller Conveyor

Roller Conveyor RB40 Roller Conveyor RB40 Roller Conveyor RB40 Roller Conveyor RB40

The RB40 gravity roller conveyor transports containers, cartons, skids and other loads with flat, rigid bottom surfaces. Load capacity ranges up to 150 kg/m (101 lb/ft). The desired slope can be quickly set with the adjustable feet.

Chas­sis widths 300 – 800 mm
Dri­ve no drive (transport by gravity)
Roller spac­ing 100, 125, 150 mm
Max. belt load 150 kg/m (176 lb/m)

Accessories and Spare Parts

Zub_KTB-Umlenkrolle_686x144px Zub_KTB-Umlenkrolle_686x144px Zub_KTB-Umlenkrolle_686x144px Zub_KTB-Umlenkrolle_686x144px
Montech offers various accessories to complement your conveyor, including lateral guides, floor and table stands. Our accessories are designed to integrate with other Montech modular components, making it easy to configure your conveyor.

While our conveyors are designed for reliability and durability, some components are subject to wear. Our well-stocked shop carries the spare parts you need to keep your conveyor up and running.
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