Machine Guards
Increase Occupational Safety

Montech offers a wide range of machine guards designed to provide the greatest protection for your machines. The safety components, manufactured with our aluminum framing systems, allow you to create project-specific enclosures that effectively prevent access to hazardous areas.


Machine Guarding: Rely on our expertise

Rely on our expertise to provide state-of-the-art machine guarding. Our protective devices and tailor-made solutions meet your system’s specific requirements and offer optimal safety, functionality, and longevity.

The concept of modularity forms the basis of our safety devices. We also rely on this for all our belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, transfer systems, aluminum framing, and roller conveyors.

Leveraging framing system technology, Montech enhances the structural integrity and versatility of our safety devices, ensuring seamless integration and optimal protection across various applications.

Safety hood SH

safety-hood 686x144 - center

Safety wall SW

safety wall 686x144 - center

Custom Solutions


Safety hood SH
Complete enclosure for increased protection

The SH safety hood is the ideal solution for enclosing hazardous areas. With its four-sided design and optional lid, it offers complete protection. The protective elements can be moved up in mere seconds, which allows quick access. The movable counterweights in the columns make lifting and lowering the protective elements effortless; they are connected to the telescopic support beams via a deflection pulley and toothed belts. For added safety, the columns can be equipped with safety switches. Larger safety hoods are available with fall arresters. Our standardized components mean that the hood shape can be adapted to suit individual requirements. By implementing Montech’s advanced safety systems and protective solutions, companies can significantly increase occupational safety within their facilities.

Safety wall SW
Focused protection for access points

The SW safety wall provides targeted protection for access points and secures one side of your machine. Strategically position these walls to ensure the highest level of security. Thanks to the Quick-Set aluminum framing system, the protective elements can be moved up when access to the machines is required, enabling efficient maintenance and repair of the equipment. Because the movable counterweights are in the columns and connected to the push-up carrier beams via a deflection pulley and toothed belt, lifting and lowering them is very easy.

Customized machine enclosures

With Montech’s aluminum framing systems, which include structural, corner, hollow, and adapter profiles, and a wide range of accessories, you can design and customize your protective enclosure to meet your safety requirements.

Our protective enclosures offer many advantages for your construction projects.

  • Improved security: Effectively prevent access to hazardous areas and provide all-around protection for employees working on machines. 
  • Easy access for maintenance: Lift the protective enclosures effortlessly and enjoy easy access for efficient equipment maintenance and repair. 
  • Custom design: Use standardized components to create protective equipment that meets project-specific requirements. 
  • Customizable hood shapes: Shape the protective hood to suit your individual requirements perfectly. 
  • Easy integration: Integrate Montech’s protective equipment seamlessly into your existing machinery and production environment. 
  • Prioritization of employee safety: Promote a work culture that places a high priority on employees’ safety and well-being. 

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