Safety wall SW

Prioritizing the safety of machinery and production equipment is paramount. Our protective component range offers tailor-made, professional solutions to address this imperative, preventing access to hazardous areas effectively.

The Montech’s Safety Wall SW serves as a versatile barrier that can be easily positioned in front of danger zones as needed. Its modular design offers flexibility, accommodating specific customer preferences, including a broader range of vertical adjustment options.

Much like the Safety Hood SH, this system also incorporates vertically sliding protective elements, ensuring swift access to the processing station during emergencies or maintenance. Within the columns, mobile counterweights glide seamlessly and connect to the vertically sliding support beams through toothed belts and a deflecting roller. This design minimizes the effort required to lift or lower the movable element, all synchronized by a shaft.

Our Quick-Set assembly system forms the foundation of these columns, simplifying installation and retrofits on existing machines. To enhance protection further, customers can consider tailored fixed shielding options using components from our Quick-Set program.

Elevate the safety of your machinery and production setups with our adaptable Safety Wall SW: a modular solution designed to effectively shield danger zones. Enjoy the benefits of customization while ensuring top-tier protection.

Our commitment to modularity is the cornerstone of our product lineup, enhancing the adaptability and versatility of our offerings. From safety hoods to belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors to transfer systems, and aluminum framing to rb40 roller conveyors, our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate and evolve with your needs.

Technical data
Nominal stroke 37.40"
Nominal height 77.51" (without foot)
Dimensions variable
Crossbeams Weight 35.27 lbs
Max. equalizing weight per crossbeam 25.35 lbs in lead version, 19.84 lbs in steel version
Material Column Aluminium, anodized, natural
Material Pane PMMA, acrylic glass (Altulex)
Thickness Pane 0.19"
Properties Pane transparent, impact-resistant, chemically resistant to ammonia 10%, petrol, mineral oil, paraffin oil, turpentine, etc.