Positioning without mechanical adjustments


Clamping instead of drilling, using fasteners instead of screws – we fulfill requirements for secure, stable fixations for manufacturing, machining and assembly processes differently than usual in the sector. We offer clamping and fastening technologies instead of relying on mechanical fixations. Why? Very simple: We always focus on usefulness for applications and on process optimization in all our conveyors and aluminum framing systems. With standardized components – designed as modular building blocks – you have unlimited possibilities and a wide range of flexible transport and assembly technologies at your disposal.


Our functions also benefit from our clamping and fastening technologies, for example, positioning devices. These devices position products in an appropriate work position, hold them in place as required for machining and process them. The advantage of this is: Our assembly technology enables you to adjust functions completely according to system design and to modify or reposition components during the machining process. You can even add an additional machining station afterward – flexibly, quickly, easily and without any mechanical adjustments.


Would you like to find out more? You can find more information here. Or you can simply talk to us. We would be pleased to tell you about the details of our clamping and fastening technologies in person. Tel: (704) 659-2187, we would be glad to hear from you!


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