Modular framing system Quick-Set Size 30

Aluminum framing system Quick-Set 30 is most suitable for building chassis, frames, or sub-structures for Montech conveyors and conveyor systems. A wide variety of standard components exist to make even the most challenging structures easy to integrate and reconfigure when required.

With Quick-Set and its unique dovetail design, it is easy and quick to construct frames and support structures that are both precise and flexible. No drilling or pinning is required – even for angled connections. The clamps have been designed to allow for access to the clamping bolts, making the system easy to disassemble and reuse at any time.

Quick-Set 30, the modular framing system, is the optimal choice for constructing durable and versatile conveyor chassis. With its innovative dovetail design and wide range of standard components, Quick-Set 30 simplifies the integration and reconfiguration of conveyor frames and support structures, providing a reliable solution for building robust and adaptable conveyor systems.

Delivery time (subject to intermediate sale): 3 Working days
Tolerance length according to DIN 7168 medium
Distortion tolerance 0.012 in/ft
Straightness tolerance 0.006 in/ft
Warranty 3 years
Delivery time 2 - 3 working days

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