Simple deflections for smart conveying


Does your work process require different stations? Have you been unable to find any adequate solution for the linking of these compartments? We can help you design your conveyor systems according to your needs and to optimize them.


Our LT40 transfer system offers different deflection and outfeed methods. This way you can operate yours stations on a process-oriented basis, according to individual needs – easily and without great expense. A brief overview:


Deflection unit
Deflection units integrated in the conveyor system divert your workpiece carriers by 90° or 180° so that they easily reach the intended processing station. Very practical: For deflection by 90°, no additional drive is required.


Transverse discharge
Using transverse discharge, you guide your work piece carriers of the main manufacturing process and back in at another point. In this process, the workpiece carrier is simply guided transversely to the next segment of the conveying section.


The turnouts are a version of the transfer discharge. A turnout diverts the workpiece carrier by 90° or moves it forward in a straight line. Like the transverse outfeed, it also serves as a bypass in the conveyor system.


Whether deflection, transverse discharge or turnout – we will find the right solution for your application. You can find more information here. Or you can simply talk to us. Tel: (704) 659-2187 , we would be glad to hear from you!

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