SOLTB Belt Conveyors

For fuel cells, battery cells, paper, plastic films, and solar cells

Montech’s SOLTB belt conveyors¬†transport flat, light, and sensitive products easily and gently within the machine, before and after, or in a line through the entire process.


Optimal transport of flat, light, and sensitive products

With the belt conveyors SOLTB

Montech’s belt conveyors SOLTB are designed for the transport of flat, light, and sensitive products. They are therefore ideally suited for fuel cells, battery cells, plastic films, paper, and solar cells. The trend in the energy technologies, energy materials, packaging technologies, and packaging materials industries continues to be to use standard components and to outsource the belt conveyors. The SolTB belt conveyors also meet this requirement, which means many advantages for customers: Outsourcing replaces fixed costs with variable costs and brings development and traditionally high-quality manufacturing know-how. It also optimizes the supply chain and increases flexibility, especially in the event of short-term demand and peak capacity coverage. 

Vacuum Conveyor SOLTB-V

Vacuum Conveyor
The vacuum conveyor SOLTB-V shares the same geometry and components as the SOLTB belt conveyor. Its open-center design facilitates the release of broken wafers. Compared to the SOLTB, the vacuum conveyor offers enhanced dynamic acceleration and braking capabilities, along with increased transport speeds.

Flat Belt Conveyor SOLTB

flat belt SOLTB
The Flat Belt Conveyor SOLTB features a dual-belt chassis for synchronized operation. It can be installed, removed, and have belts replaced from above. With no protruding edges, this conveyor ensures precise and gentle handling of delicate workpieces.

Cogged Belt Conveyor SOLTB

cogged belt SOLTB
The Cogged Belt Conveyor SOLTB is composed of a frame with two belts that ensure synchronised operation. The entire conveyor can be installed and removed from above, and belts can be changed even when installed. The conveyor has no protruding edges; it transports delicate workpieces with the utmost precision and care.

Your Conveyor Solution, Your Advantages

  • Highly standardized and modularized
  • Versatile and straightforward design
  • Wide array of uses
  • Quick delivery times


Our Flexibility Adapts to Yours

Optimize your supply chain or tailor products to your processes with Montech’s SOLTB belt conveyors. Our specialized belt conveyors are adjustable in length and width to fit your specific needs. We prioritize both product flexibility and quick delivery to meet immediate demands.


Tailored Industrial Belt Conveyors

Montech delivers industrial belt conveyors meticulously tailored to your specifications. Utilizing a modular design, these conveyors can be customized in width and length, ensuring each unit is uniquely suited to your requirements. With our extensive experience, we craft bespoke solutions for specialized applications.


Personalized Branding Solutions

Enhance your brand identity with our private labeling options, allowing your company logo to adorn our belt conveyors. Contact us to explore branding opportunities tailored to your needs.

Quality Assurance

Exceeding Quality Standards

Our SOLTB belt conveyors uphold the highest quality benchmarks. Utilizing premium materials, they are designed for enduring continuous operation and guaranteeing reliability. Built with precision, stability, and durability in mind, our conveyors feature rustproof pulleys and galvanized or stainless steel components.

Delicate Handling

Careful Product Treatment

We prioritize product integrity, ensuring our belt conveyors handle delicate items with care. For wafers and cells, our design eliminates the need for top-side contact, minimizing the risk of micro-cracks.

Specialized Solutions

Innovative Custom Applications

Leveraging our extensive expertise, we excel in creating specialized solutions. We assist our clients with high-quality, innovative concepts and execute custom applications tailored to unique requirements.

Montech’s SOLTB belt conveyors, renowned for their standardization and modular design, are complemented by our other offerings, including roller conveyors, cleanroom-specific belt conveyors, transfer systems, and more.