Vacuum Conveyor SOLTB-V

The SOLTB-V vacuum conveyor has been engineered for efficient transportation of flat workpieces at a rapid speed of five meters per second. Its adaptable design facilitates the simultaneous handling of multiple workpieces, effectively enhancing productivity within manufacturing operations. Diverging from conventional handling and transportation methods, the SOLTB-V streamlines operations by eliminating the necessity for return trips, thereby bolstering overall productivity.

Featuring a chassis width of 108 mm and a belt length of 2000 mm, it offers versatility for a multitude of applications. With a torque of 1.5 Nm, the SOLTB-V ensures consistent and reliable operation, while its maximum speed of 5 m/s enables swift material handling.

Incorporating advanced acceleration and braking functions, the SOLTB-V guarantees seamless transportation of workpieces, minimizing the risk of damage.

Technical data
Chassis width 4.25 " (standard - widths over 4.25 " available on request)
Conveyor length 78.74 " (center roller to roller)
Required drive torque min 1.11 ft-lbs
Belt speed max 16.4 ft/s
Acceleration and brake ramp max 65.6 ft/s²