Optimizing Production Processes
with Multifunctional Transfer Systems

Montech’s LTE and LT40 transfer systems and workpiece transport systems are suitable for common handling and joining tasks and for any processing from above and below.

Montech Transfer Systems

Modular conveyor systems for production and assembly automation

You can optimize your production and assembly processes with custom-tailored conveyor systems from Montech. The basis of these automated chaining solutions is a powerful, modular toolbox with profile and conveyor technology. These proven systems and components are used in a wide variety of industries around the world.

A strong and modular toolbox is the foundation of our transfer systems. Our belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, aluminium framing systems, belt roller, and machine guarding also rely on this modularity.

LT40 Transfer System

Montech LT40 Transfer System

The twin belt LT40 transfer system conveys product carriers or totes to discrete assembly stations. Depending on the size of the carrier, a maximum load of up to 37 lb may be accommodated. LT40 conveyors feature a compact design with a 24V DC motor integrated into the drive roller.

Trans­fer plate/prod­uct car­ri­er 7.87"x7.87" - 12.59"x18.89"
Dri­ve unit integrated end drive
Max. load for each prod­uct car­ri­er up to 37 lbs
Speed up to 65.61 fpm

LTE Transfer System

Montech LTE Transfer System

The LTE is a single-belt, asynchronous transfer system that automatically transfers parts or components through an assembly sequence. The modular design allows for easy reconfiguration or future expansion.

Trans­fer plate/prod­uct car­ri­er 3.14"x3.14" - 8.85"x8.85"
Dri­ve unit TB30 center drive
Max. load for each prod­uct car­ri­er up to 11 lbs
Speed 26.2 - 70.2 fpm

Accessories and Spare Parts

Montech Accessories and Spare Parts
Montech offers a variety of accessories to complement your transfer system including lateral guides and plug & play cables. Accessories are designed to integrate easily with other Montech components.

Our transfer systems are designed for reliability and durability, however, some components are subject to wear. To keep your conveyor up and running, spare parts are readily available from our well-stocked shop.

Benefits of Montech transport systems

  • Low-maintenance, reliable transfer systems 
  • Durable for optimal transfer of workpiece carriers
  • Precise circulation system
  • Long service life and security in production flow
  • Energy-efficient drives with efficiency class IE5
  • Thanks to the toolbox system, short delivery times and good price-performance ratio
  • Compact design; few interrupting contours and small space requirements

Crank up your production with transport systems

You can use Montech multifunctional transfer systems to feed, unload, buffer, separate, and position workpieces and workpiece carriers optimally. A system that consists of several machines only works as a whole if the individual production steps are connected to one another efficiently. And that’s exactly what Montech’s systems do: They connect a system’s different process steps efficiently and are made for optimizing production processes.

Regardless of whether you’re talking about large quantities and fully automated systems with short cycle times or small lot sizes of different kinds with partially automated systems and manual workplaces: Montech’s proven modular transfer systems offer you economical, versatile transport solutions. This ensures quick planning – and allows you to expand existing systems or reconfigure them.


The LT40 is a double-belt system that can convey individual workpiece carriers at a speed of up to 20 m/min. The scaling in three sizes provides optimal configuration for the application in question. The workpiece carriers come in six different standard sizes and there are optional anti-static models for carrying loads of up to 16.8 kg. Thanks to the modular toolbox system, customer-specific workpiece carriers that are larger than 320×480 mm are also possible. On customer request, the transfer system can be fitted with the selected components and delivered pre-assembled. Thanks to the Montech aluminum framing system (with dovetail groove), components can be mounted quickly and easily after the fact, removed, or shifted.

The system belt conveyors with 24V drum drive and no interrupting contours fall under the low voltage directives. This is a big advantage for system builders: With 24V direct voltage, no touch-guards are required; these voltages are not dangerous for adults, children, or animals. Therefore, it is easy to comply with the different country-specific regulations for creating the system certificate and declaration of conformity.


The task of Montech’s LTE lengthwise transfer system is to guide workpieces to the necessary workstations automatically according to your assembly flow. The workpieces to be processed are fastened to standardized workpiece carriers of hardened plastic and transported on belt conveyors. Workpiece carriers in four different standard sizes are available, as is an optional anti-static model. Thanks to the modular toolbox system, it is possible to create customer-specific workpiece carrier sizes. The toolbox principle enables step-by-step implementation.

The advantage of these single-belt belt conveyors is that the workpiece carriers can be guided around 90-degree curves “without drive” and even stowed. This means that the workpiece carriers do not have to be stopped or separated in front of a 90-degree deflection. The benefits of this are simplified control and lower software and hardware costs.

Streamline production processes with Montech’s transfer systems, optimizing the connectivity of workpieces and workpiece carriers to ensure efficient feeding, unloading, buffering, separation, and positioning.

Typical usage criteria:

  • Assembly automation and logistics
  • System arrangement “inline” and/or “offline”
  • Repetition accuracy of ± 0.05 mm
  • Four workpiece carriers: 80×80, 115×115, 160×160, and 225×225 mm