Two conveyor systems, many advantages – our tandem belts


Although our tandem conveyors are quite impressive visually, their advantages and features are often underestimated. This is reason enough to present them to you in more precise terms today.


The 2 parallel conveyors systems make it possible to handle materials gently, but with great flexibility and without producing unnecessary wear of the goods being transported in the conveyor system.

This saves costs and space. And when space is expensive: You can utilize the empty space between both conveyor systems for labeling or other process tasks from below. One more advantage: The tandem conveyors adapt to your needs. You can freely choose distance , conveyor with up to 3.28 ft, and length up to 32.8 ft of the conveyor section.


And so the tandem conveyors, as individual belts, transport large-scale, bulky and stable-shaped products such as packages easily. But did you know that two or more tandem conveyors nested within one another can also be utilized as a buffer to save space? In this process additional curve elements guide the transported goods directly or, when positioned on workpiece carriers, in a wavy line through the buffer segment – the ideal solution as supply belt for a processing machine.


Would you like more details? You will find more information here, or you can contact us directly.

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