Machine Guarding
Ensuring Safety and Protection
with Innovative Solutions

Montech presents a comprehensive range of machine guarding designed to ensure the utmost protection around machinery. Our safety components, crafted with Montech aluminum framing system, enable you to create project-specific barriers that effectively inhibit access to danger zones.


Trust in Montech’s Expertise

With Montech, you can rely on our expertise in delivering cutting-edge safety solutions. Our safety barriers are designed to strike the perfect balance between employee protection and accessibility for maintenance and repairs. Experience peace of mind while prioritizing safety in your work environment.

The concept of modularity forms the basis of our safety devices. We also rely on this for all our belt conveyors, cleanroom conveyors, transfer systems, aluminum framing, and roller conveyors.

Leveraging framing system technology, Montech enhances the structural integrity and versatility of our safety devices, ensuring seamless integration and optimal protection across various applications.

Safety Hood SH

safety-hood 686x144 - center

Safety Wall SW

safety wall 686x144 - center

Custom Solutions


Safety Hood SH
Complete Enclosure for Enhanced Protection

The Safety Hood SH is the ideal solution for enclosing hazardous areas. With its four-sided design and optional roof, it provides comprehensive coverage. For added safety, columns can be equipped with safety interlock switches, and larger Safety Hoods are available with anti-fall locks. Our standardized components allow for the customization of the hood shape to suit unique requirements.

Safety Wall SW
Focused Protection for Access Points

The Safety Wall SW offers targeted protection for access points, safeguarding one side of your machinery. Place these units strategically to ensure the highest level of safety. Thanks to the Quick-Set profile framing system, these barriers can be easily lifted when access to machinery is required, enabling efficient equipment maintenance and repair.

Configurable and Efficient Safety Solutions

Elevate workplace safety with Montech Safety Devices, offering standardized components for flexibility and ease of configuration. Choose between our aluminum framing systems to customise your safety solution. Benefit from our quick turnaround time. Trust in our reliable and adaptable safety device solutions to enhance safety standards in your workplace. Machine Guarding: Ensuring Safety and Protection with Innovative Solutions. Elevate workplace standards with Montech’s comprehensive range, including Safety Hood SH and Safety Wall SW, offering machine guarding for increased safety and protection.

Our safety devices offer numerous benefits for your construction projects

  • Enhanced Safety: Effectively inhibit access to danger zones, providing comprehensive protection for employees around machinery.
  • Easy Access for Maintenance: Designed for easy lifting and access, allowing for efficient equipment maintenance and repair.
  • Configurable Design: Utilize standardized components to configure safety devices tailored to project-specific requirements.
  • Quick-Set Aluminum Profile: Crafted with the Quick-Set aluminum profile system, ensuring a robust and durable framework for optimal safety solutions.
  • Customizable Hood Shapes: Adapt the Safety Hood SH to unique requirements by shaping the hood for a perfect fit.
  • Rapid Delivery Time: Enjoy a quick turnaround with a delivery time of only 3 working days, subject to intermediate sale.
  • Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate Montech Safety Devices into your existing machinery and production environment.
  • Prioritizing Employee Safety: Promote a workplace culture that places a high emphasis on employee safety and well-being.

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